Sunday, June 10, 2012

God's Word to Men on Prayer

"Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, 
without wrath and dissension."
1 Timothy 2:8

God's word gives instructions for the role of men in leading prayer when Christians assemble.That they are to pray in every place with holy, blameless hearts. Humble hearts that are under submission to God. They are to pray without anger toward others and they are to pray in faith. 

"'I will that men pray everywhere.’ That is the same in spirit as the Apostle’s other command: ‘Pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks.’ A very high ideal, but a very reasonable one, for unless we can find some place where God is not, and where the telegraph between heaven and earth is beyond our reach, there is no place where we ‘should not pray. And unless we can find a place where we do not want God, nor need Him, there is no place where we should not pray. Because, then, ‘everywhere’ is equally near Him, and the straight road to His throne is of the same length from every hole and corner of the world; therefore, wherever men are, they ought to be clinging to His skirts, and reaching out their open hands for His benefits; and because, wherever a man is, there he utterly depends upon God, and needs the actual intervention of His love, and the energising of His power for everything, even for his physical life, so that he cannot wink his eyelashes without God’s help, therefore, ‘In every place I will that men pray.’" (Alexander MacLaren)


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