Friday, September 23, 2011

Remember His Wonders

"He has made His wonders to be remembered; The LORD is gracious and compassionate." Psalm 111:4

It is always a good idea to recall the wonderful works of our Father's hand. To meditate upon them and remember how full of grace and compassion He is. The Old Testament is full of examples of His faithfulness to His people. Think of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. David and Daniel and Joseph. And, of course, the coming of our Lord -- His life, death and resurrection -- is a testimony to God's wonders. As we look at our own lives, we can identify God's handprints there, too. From the day of our birth, to the end of our earthly days, God is working wonders. We would never come to Him, except He draws us. We would never praise Him, except He fills us with thanks. We would never love Him, except He loved us first. Remember the Lord's wonders. He has made them to be remembered.

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