Friday, June 10, 2011

Tabitha, a Woman of God

"Now in Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which translated in Greek is called Dorcas); this woman was abounding with deeds of kindness and charity which she continually did."
Acts 9:36

Tabitha was a woman of God who didn't just think about serving Him, she "continually did" it. She was a seamstress who touched lives with the tunics and garments she made, many of them for widows (Acts 9:39). Yet all of her service did not stop the Lord from allowing her to become sick and die. It was part of His plan to grow Peter's ministry. When Tabitha died, Peter was called upon to come to Joppa without delay. In the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter raised Tabitha back to life and presented her to the widows and "all the saints". The miracle became "known all over Joppa, and many believed in the Lord." We know so little about Tabitha, but what we do know is that she faithfully served the Lord, and whether in life or death, God used her in a mighty way. 

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