Monday, March 5, 2012

Reason for Boasting

"Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason 
for boasting in things pertaining to God."
Romans 15:17

The Apostle Paul had accomplished great things for God in his life: leading people to Christ, planting churches, writing what would become books of the Bible. In human terms he had much to boast about. But Paul never made his work about Paul. He made it about Christ. The Lord had saved Paul on the Damascus Road and Paul understood the grace He had received. After his conversion, glorifying Christ Jesus was the motivation for all Paul did.  In Christ and Christ alone he boasted. "God says, 'Don’t you ever boast in what you know. Don’t boast in what you can do. And don’t boast in what you have. You boast in Me, what I have given you as far as understanding, what I can do through you, and what I have personally been gracious enough to entrust you with.'" (Dr. Wayne A. Barber)

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