Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Strength

"The Lord God is my strength,"
Habakkuk 3:19

The mountains that surround the valley where I live are like a fortress. Majestic and strong. They remind me of my God. The very One who created those mountains and gave them their strength gives an internal strength to those that turn to Him. In the worst of times He is their solid rock. Their Mighty Fortress. A never ending reservoir of strength. "If you attempt to gain all of your strength from your education, relationships, money, power, authority, or intellect, or any other idol we pursue more than God, at some point you will grow tired and lose heart.  At some point your strength will be lost.  But those who draw near to God no matter what happens in their lives find a reservoir in God to draw from that is never ending. " (David Fairchild)

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